The longest river in Asia, the mighty Mekong, flows down through its channel meandering around islands in its path.  forty kilometers past Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia in Kompong Cham Province is a lovely island called Koh Pen, 10 km long and 3 km wide.   The 3000 inhabitants rely on fishing during the rainy season and farming in the dry season growing corn, beans, coconuts, rice, tobacco, and subsistence crops. Each year the one kilometer bamboo bridge connecting them to the mainland washes away during the rainy season and is rebuilt during the dry season.
Koh pen
 Two primary schools and a secondary school are located on the island.  However, if a student wishes to attend high school, they must travel 10 kilometers across the river to nearby Kompong Cham village.

This foundation was established by Yem Kosal  who was born on Kohn Pen. Kosal’s parents and seven other siblings lived during Pot Pol’s Khmer Rouge, a brutal time. The three oldest brothers died of starvation and sickness. Of the five living siblings, Yem is the second oldest in the family.

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Kosal’s parents urged him to earn a good education because they knew how important it was. He often rose at 3:30 in the morning to work as a horse cart taxi driver, a taxi driver, a teacher of English and computer, and now as a certified tour guide. Kosal felt moved to help their community.  So he formed the Kosal Foundation.
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Many who come to Cambodia are touched by the gracious gentle people they meet and are saddened by the many who live in poverty. Their generous gifts and donations provide the major support for the Foundation.
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For as little as $25 a child can receive a school uniform, a pair of shoes, a backpack and school supplies for year. For $40-90 a month a trained teacher can earn a respectable income. We invite you to sponsor a child and/or teacher. 

If you would like to combine a visit to Cambodia with helping in the community or if you would like to make a donation please contact us. A gift of any size, once or a lifetime, is appreciated. Please email  [email protected] to discuss how you can help.